Clear Smile Aligners


PERFECTarch aligners have been widely used by many Orthodontists and Dentists for many years. It is simple to use with a great result.

After deciding you need a better and more perfect smile, contact South Coast City Dental where an impression of your mouth will be taken and we will discuss your custom treatment plan with you. We will then commence the aligning of your teeth and construction of the aligners.

PERFECTarch aligners uses clear material that is practically invisible, so keep smiling while your teeth are being straightened. Your friends won’t even notice you are wearing the aligners.

It is so simple, you do it yourself. Each aligner, which is numbered, is worn for between two to three weeks, when finished, it is removed and placed back in its original container and you move onto the next.

When you first place the aligner over your teeth, it may feel as if it is not fitting well due to the teeth being moved into a new position. After a couple of days, the aligner will slip into place moving your teeth to their new alignment.

Whilst wearing the PERFECTarch aligners, you should be able to speak normally.

You are able to take it out during eating if you wish and cleaning is a breeze, justuse a toothbrush, water and soap.

PERFECTarch aligners are:

  • Comfortable
  • easy to use
  • easy to remove
  • easy to keep clean
  • minimal dental appointments
  • unnoticeable
  • fast treatment
  • more hygienic